Friday, May 22, 2009

90 years from now...

Did my Great Uncle ever contemplate that more than 90 years after the event his great niece would be so intrigued by his diary and reminiscences she would commit to a daily project to re-type his words? Of course not. I know from some of his notes and comments that he did hope others would read his words but I am sure it would not be something that could ever have entered his consciousness that people all over the world would have the opportunity to read his words. Wow, that feels mind blowing to me! Every day I am reminded by how small the world is and how modern technology can facilitate the sharing of information and ideas and experiences.

Just this morning I was thinking about my Great Uncle Bert. In his final years he lived in Hawaii... so a long way from me in Australia. I am not sure exactly when he passed away but I'm guessing it would be the late 1970's or early 1980's (note to self - find out!) I don't even know if he ever met me as a baby or young child. I am sure my grandparents would have spoken of me to him when they visited him... and here I am, many many years later feeling so connected to him and such a need to honour his war time experiences, his words and him as a remarkable person. It made me think about my own experiences, my own words and myself as a person. Is there someone in my life, or in my future family who may feel the same way about me? In 90 years time will a grand child or great grand child or niece or nephew wonder at my life and my experiences and feel a connection to me, even though I will be long gone? It's one of the reasons I make my scrapbook albums. I want to document a little of my life and the life of my family. I want there to be a connection to my future family so they can look back and know a little of the person I was and the life we lived.

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