Monday, May 18, 2009

A blog is born

Aren't there enough blogs out there? probably

Do I really have something to say? I think so

Why now? Well, I have been reading my friend Nicole's blog for quite some time now (NicinSweden) and I really enjoy catching up on what is happening to her on the other side of the world. It made me think that perhaps some people I know on the other side of the world, or the other side of the country, or city, or street for that matter might like to catch up on what is happening to me.

Also, I have recently started hearing about 'bucket lists'. At first I didn't know where the term came from - I knew they were a list of 'must do in my lifetime' things but I didn't know why they were called 'bucket lists' and then I found out it means 'Things to do before I kick the bucket!' Well... one of the things on my 'bucket list' is to publish a book! Now writing a blog is hardly going to satisfy that but I am hoping it might be a step toward achieving that goal!

How? Well, I decided that every time I write a regular post I would also re-type one page of my Great Uncle Bert's diary. Let me explain... My Great Uncle Bert wrote this amazing diary of his World War 1 experiences. He typed it up on an old fashioned type writer and had it bound into a book. It is hundreds of pages long... I will find out exactly how many and let you know... Anyway - a couple of people have attempted to "re-type" it so that everyone in the family can have a copy but it has been a difficult task to achieve, so, I am now going to do it via this blog. Every time I blog I will also create a blog entry that will represent one page of the diary. In a couple of years I will have achieved the task of re-typing the entire diary... so I can then get it published for all of my family to have a copy and I can tick that item on my bucket list 'publish a book'! True, it wont be my words but it will satisfy me! Each blog entry related to Uncle Bert's Diary will have a label and the top of the entry will have the page number, so hopefully people who come to my blog along the way can go back and read along.

Now, I am not only going to blog about Uncle Bert's diary... I will also find some other things to say! In a way I have been creating books about my family for about 7 years now as I have been a Creative Memories consultant creating albums for my family as well as gift albums for others; both family and friends. (my website)When StoryBook came along these 'albums' became like books in appearance and the ideas for 'books' are running wild in my brain so I will also blog about some ideas I have with regard to that! I am sure I will come up with some other random musings too...

At the end of the day, "I" have something to say, YOU have the choice to read it or skip it! I hope you choose to read it, and comment & I look forward to the process.

Michelle x


  1. Good for you! Welcome to the club. Like the look too - suits your WWI theme. Happy blogging!
    P.S. You do know you can turn a blog into a book don't you? Known as a BLOK. So you never know - you just might get there.

  2. No I didn't know about BLOK - this whole thing is a huge learning curve... expect some questions to come your way!

  3. I'm beginning the journey. : )

  4. It's an interesting read!
    I've featured your blog on mine...

  5. Hi Michelle, what an inspiration you are! Where you get the time I have no idea, but so happy that you do...