Sunday, May 12, 2013

Italy to Marseilles, France via the French Riveria

Here is a map of the path the train took taking Uncle Bert from Italy through the French Riviera to Marseilles, France in February 1918:

and if you click here it should take you to the trip planner to see more details.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Train trip from Taranto to Faenza Italy

I have tried to track the path of Uncle Bert's train trip from Taranto Italy to Faenza Italy... Hope this works... Click here
It seems these towns are along the north coast of Italy.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Uncle Bert's Tent mates...the older crew

Always interesting to try to find our a little more about the men Uncle Bert spent time with during the war. I have already found out a little about the digger who I think is Frank Watson (...still hoping more will come in the diary to confirm his identity) so here is a little more about his other 3 tent mates on January 26th, 1918... It turns out they were all aged older than 30.

Eddie Lapthorne Edward Reginald Lapthorne 5052

Lapthorne was 30 years old and had two children when he enlisted.

Tommy Thomas Thomas Sylvanus Thomas 5089A

Tommy was 37 9/12 when he enlisted in the army. His date of birth was 27 Oct 1879. No wonder Bert referred to him as "quite a father to the younger men"... He was quite probably the same age as many of their Dad's.

Tommy survived the war but died Feb 14, 1922 at age 42 as the AIF were informed by his widow when they attempted to award him the Victory Medal after the war.

Tom Shylock Thomas Sherlock 5086

It seems Tom Sherlock received a wound to his shoulder later in 1918... the medical report goes on to say he is unable to raise his right arm at all.

Alexandria Egypt in 1918...and Capos cigarettes

Alexandria, Egypt 1918

I thought it might be interesting to find some pictures of the places mentioned by Uncle Bert in Alexandria, Egypt circa 1918 when he was there... I found a great source of photos at a flickr account of the Cultural Collections of University of Newcastle.  
There are links back to their account for the photos I have placed here.

Other sources include:

Link is attached to the name.

Mohammad Aly monument

Post office Street and Cherif Pacha Street

The Nouzha Garden

The Garden and Monument to Nubar Pacha

Sidi Gaber

Sidi Kayed Bay Fortress

Malimoudieh Canal

In the most recent post by Uncle Bert he refers to a fight among the young Egyptians for his Capos cigarettes...I believe this is what the tin would have looked like: