Friday, May 3, 2013

Alexandria Egypt in 1918...and Capos cigarettes

Alexandria, Egypt 1918

I thought it might be interesting to find some pictures of the places mentioned by Uncle Bert in Alexandria, Egypt circa 1918 when he was there... I found a great source of photos at a flickr account of the Cultural Collections of University of Newcastle.  
There are links back to their account for the photos I have placed here.

Other sources include:

Link is attached to the name.

Mohammad Aly monument

Post office Street and Cherif Pacha Street

The Nouzha Garden

The Garden and Monument to Nubar Pacha

Sidi Gaber

Sidi Kayed Bay Fortress

Malimoudieh Canal

In the most recent post by Uncle Bert he refers to a fight among the young Egyptians for his Capos cigarettes...I believe this is what the tin would have looked like:

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