Friday, August 15, 2014

Private Bargmann, Private Gosden, Corporal Ritchie & Private Cheney

This post is as much for me as a reference point as it is to share. Previous diary entries have referred to these three soldiers so I decided to paste some info that is online about them here. I may end up coming back to add more if I find more.

Private Anders Bargmann (Bargey) Service No 4997

It seems a Miss J Cameron wanted to know more about the death of Bargey... The army couldn't provide her with much information except "Killed in Action"

Private Thomas Gosden Service No 2656

It seems that Gosey died from wounds a few months after sharing a trench funk hole with Bert. Bert had mentioned that he wondered what had happened to him so I gather he was separated from him after they left the trenches in June 1918.
I found this list of his effects on the AWM digitised records site and had to smile that one of the items was his pipe.

Corporal Thomas Ritchie  Service No 729 More

Private Sidney Cheney Service No 5011

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