Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here's the thing...

Okay - it has been ages since I have typed up some pages to load onto the blog... The thing is, Uncle Bert has got to a point in the diary where he has decided to totally transcribe an on-ship newspaper... It is single spacing (the rest of the diary is double spaced and easy to read) and it goes on and on for many pages... It has held me back from the project but I really want to get back on track so here goes... a few pages from 'The Innocents Afloat' as copied into Uncle Bert's diary and then tomorrow a few more and so on... Project back on track!


  1. I have only today found this and my question may be answered in pages I have not yet seen. Could the diary not be scanned so as to save the typing? Age and wear and tear can be corrected and back then the standards of writing were far better than seen today.

  2. Hi John
    Thanks for the comment - I have tried to scan the pages and use one of those programs that interprets it... It wasn't so successful. My latest thought is to use one of those voice recognition programs and read it to the computer... I need to investigate further.
    Michelle :)