Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Moving from Chapter 2 to 3, and we're about to meet 'Bargey'

I am now onto Chapter 3! I found it very amusing typing the final pages of chapter 2 as Uncle Bert received more and more socks! But, of course the chapter ends on a very sobering note with his duties as a pall bearer at the funeral for an Anzac and the packing of his bags to leave for "over there".

He's used the term "over there" on another occasion and it reminds me of the way some people refer to cancer as the 'C' word... perhaps if you don't say it out loud it wont be real? or it's a way of distancing ourselves from something unpleasant, like 'war'!

Get ready to meet Bargey in Chapter 3. Well, I'm pretty sure it's Bargey - Uncle Bert refers to a man with the name Bargmann and as Australians are known for turning surnames into nicknames I am betting that Bargmann is the Bargey to whom this book is dedicated. I now know that Uncle Bert believes that Bargey (Bargmann) is of Swedish heritage... But a quick search of the web reveals an A.Bargmann who matches perfectly and is of Danish heritage. Don't click on the link if you don't like spoilers in books because it does reveal the fate of Private Bargmann.

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